Beach Time

My husband and I are doing something totally irresponsible and heading to the beach soon.

I’ve stressed my fears about this for years…this and concerts. These are terrifying.

Vacations and concerts- I’d always be feeling good! Limitless supplies were a absolutely gotta have for me.

My husband still drinks, I do not. I can’t.

My husband also invited his sister, she’s a drinker.

And of course on beach time, drinks start in the AM. 

He keeps asking aren’t you excited? (Remember my obsessed post from yesterday? Yes, we are going to that same hotel)

I’m excited. I LOVE the beach. I beg God daily to let me live there soon- seriously….you can ask my entire family.

Dear God, don’t let my feet slip.


2 thoughts on “Beach Time”

  1. If the urge comes over you, excuse yourself and walk away (make an excuse if you have to – Sorry hun, I’m not feeling well, I’m going back to the room). Call someone to talk to, even if its a local hotline for recovering alcoholics or a sober friend. Be honest with them and they’ll be able to help you through it. I would offer my number but I’m running around town with my Sponsor; its my only day off this week, so I have to be selfish to get things done. Good luck.

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