Happy 23!

Today is my 23rd wedding anniversary. Well not just mine, mine and my husbands.

Neither of us know how we got to this landmark. We’ve both wanted to give up over the years, but never at the same time.

You share so much history after this many years together, but it’s sped by! We were married as kids, 16 years old. 

He always says we’ve raised each other, and we have.

My Papa had a wall at his house of everyone’s wedding pictures. As they would divorce, he’d take the pictures down. He never put up pictures of the second or third marriages…..not out of spite- he aged and just didn’t update with new pictures. He passed away last month. There are only 2 pictures left on that wedding wall….mine and D’s. And my Nanny and Papa’s.

I’m not a hater of divorce, sometimes it just doesn’t work out! But I’m personally grateful we pushed through the it’s over phases, or the I hate you phases. Every one of those phases made our foundation a little stronger when we made up.

It’s honestly been a blur…  

Anyway….not too long today because it’s a rare off day for him and I want to spend time with him.

Marriage is hard, mean, sweet, fun, exciting, boring, passionate- everything in the book.

But I’m grateful for mine!! 


3 thoughts on “Happy 23!”

    1. My sister in law left her third husband 2 years ago. She is frantically trying to get him back.
      It breaks my heart for her and I wish her the best…it’s honestly a miracle we’ve made it this far. But I’m very grateful


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