No Way- Dead Before 40??

My husband turned our TV last night when I left the room. (I watch Investigation Discovery 24-7- literally 24-7)

He flipped it to some CNN or HLN show….it was a special on Prince. I believe it was called How It Really Happened. Another celebrity, died alone, drugs was the cause. Of course my heart breaks. (Plus Prince was awesome.) 

Shows over, go back to scrolling on my phone. How It Really Happened, Anna Nicole Smith was coming up next. My jaw hit the floor when they said she died at 39. That can’t be right, I’m 39. She was way older than I was when she died. I stayed glued to the TV, even though I already knew her story.

Next up, How It Really Happened, OJ. Nicole Simpson, dead at 35….that is impossible! 

These people were old to me when they passed! How did I never realize this?

So of course my obsessive mind had to google celebrities that died at 39.

Wild Bill

Martin Luther King Jr

Amelia Earhart

Anna Nicole

Malcolm X 

I told my husband and my son this week, I never thought I’d be 40 and not be anything. Not that I’ve ever been career minded, I’ve got my family and I’ve had awesome jobs. (My goal is to finish school one day.) 

Life slips away so freakin fast. I’m definitely not saying 39 is old….but when you feel 18 in your 39 year old body you feel a little invincible.

Anyway I’m rambling. I’m just shocked because these people were so old when they died. Or at least I thought they were when I was 20.


2 thoughts on “No Way- Dead Before 40??”

  1. Totally odd.. As I’m reading your post, I discover that I’m watching the Prince special as I’m reading you mentioning it. I’ve just discovered this show and it might be my new crush. Oh and I watch Investigative Discovery constantly as well.

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