Laugh at These Scores, But They Make Me Proud

I’m a 39 year old white girl with no sport skills in her body.

I have a 15 year old wannabe pro skater, that can win at anything he tries.

Except bowlin- against his moma.

My cousin invited us for all night bowling on Saturday night. I’m trying to get out more so I was ready. Got 3 of my kids pumped and went to meet my family. (Did I mention it was for my cousin’s daughter’s 21st birthday?) So a few young adults, one child and a few of us older people. 

Bowling 11-2 AM

The first 2 games were alright. My youngest son won those as he was able to have bumpers etc…

Around 1 AM I realized most of the people that came with our group was gone. It was only my kids and me left. Moma let’s play one game one on one. 

Let’s do it

He cheated. He went back and forth with oh I’m not really trying, which was a lie. But I still won.

I beat my 15 year old boy at not one, not two but three games. 

I’ll give him credit, he did win the final…

My kids dropped like flies from exhaustion on the bowling alley couches- but I stayed up. I kept telling my oldest boy- oh no- get up. If I can do this, you can too!  I beat the ones celebrating a 21st birthday. 

And I beat my boy….I’m pretty sure this will never happen again.

It was a good night.

(It took days to get these pictures. My photo editing, YouTuber couldn’t “figure out” how to send them to me. Uh yeah right boy, get them pictures to me)

Against the Odds


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