Miss You Today

​I said goodbye and I love you to the most influential man in my life, on January 31.

I would have never thought I’d be in the room when he left this world, but now that I’ve had time to process it, I couldn’t imagin being anywhere else.
We had a bond.
My Papa was a huge man with huge hands, but also a huge heart. He taught me so many life lessions and most of my passions were his first.
He taught me to appreciate cheap food….none better than Krystal with cheese.
He bought me my Rainbow Brite doll.
He would use his telepathic skills to check on my mom when I worried, and staying with him.
My cousins and I would watch him lug around a 30lb video camera, or smile for a billion photos. Today I’d like to get hand on every copy. He lived so much of his life behind a lens. Thank you for every photo you took.
He always had the latest tech gear, before it was cool. I was taking typing test in the 80s on a Commdore 64, and I was on the web at age 12. Me and 3 other people nationwide were in the only chat room available. He always pushed me to learn and keep up. This is the future Carly.
He had a car phone that you could never use  (47.00$ a minute or something) but it sure was cool.
He’d pay us to rub his shoulders, comb his hair.
He told me: never shut the door on family. I asked what if they hurt me. Well forgive and keep the door open.
He made me listen to Wind Beneath My Wings over and over one day. Let this song make you think of me. 😦
Derrick and I had a honeymoon because of Papa.
He loved me, and I always knew it. And he knew the same of me. He always told me he was proud. I remember looking up one day, in a not so good time, and nanny and papa were at my side at the hospital. You’ll be fine doll.
I’m forever grateful for him. I know the importance of grandparents and I hope one day to match what I was blessed with, from all sides.
Thank you for listening and being interested. Thank you for answering every call and never saying no. Thank you for all the lessons you taught me. Thank you for all the family trips. Thank you for being you.


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