Today Is A Day One- These Suck

I’m trying to stop smoking

I’m trying to stop these drink things I picked up when I quit suboxone

I told my husband my dream is to not depend on any substance to get me through my day

I lost my job 2 months ago. I’m not able to snap my fingers and have another. But I can control the things I’m wasting our money on. 

I’ll never have my beach house as a smoker. I call the shots gas station crack. I’m determined.

I hate day ones

I had a day one of no drinking

I had a day one of no pain killers

I had a day one of no subutex

To me these days are just eerie. Nothing is scarier than putting something down I’ve grown to depend on.

But I also believe it’s time and the right thing to do

Praying praying praying….need to stay prayed up, then pray some more

Here’s to a giant step in helping my household save money. 

(I really hope I don’t have to have another day one tomorrow)




4 thoughts on “Today Is A Day One- These Suck”

  1. Congratulations! Perhaps it might help to celebrate the baby steps to completing day one? Like hour one, morning one, afternoon one, and so forth? Perhaps it might help to note that a commitment is actually a series of micro-commitments all smooshed together, but each micro-triumph is still a triumph?

    Congratulations for deciding and moving on it! 😉 xoxoM

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