I Want To Be The Bridge

Bridge the gap between “normal” people and addicts and alcoholics 

Explain in real words the horror it entails 

I remember being stuck in that spot and literally crying to my husband. please stay, one day I’ll make you proud

All I wanted was to be normal, like you

I hated that I had to depend on a substance to start my day, keep my day going, or another to end my day

I hated that when I was sad, mad, happy, stressed I needed something 

I learned in rehab that an addict needs chaos to function. If we don’t have chaos, we will create it. The more dramatic the issue, the less shame came with drinking. 

I truly believe if you showed a way out to the addicts or alcoholics that are truly tired, they would run for it. If they could overcome their fear and realize there is a life that is better. If you told them, here open this door and walk through to a better life, they would…….if it wasn’t for the fear. 

We aren’t horrible people, we aren’t vicious, we aren’t losers, we aren’t good for nothing. We are people stuck in ourselves. We are human and craving peace. We have feelings and if we haven’t turned cold to the world, we want to be good



10 thoughts on “I Want To Be The Bridge”

    1. That’s so awesome to hear!! That’s been my goal!
      And your right. I’m the type to do good feel good then bam have a bad day and let it knock me back so far. But I’m really trying to reach out to people more to prevent that.
      I’m very grateful you do read what I write

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