What Do You Say When Praying For a Killer 

​I was stuck to my daughter like glue last night. She stayed on social media waiting for the names of the last 2 victims, she wanted to know if they were past school friends as well.
I didn’t want her to know them. Selfish maybe, but I want to protect my own. Her heart is huge and already heavy. I kept a watch on all my kids making sure they didn’t know these people. But of course in a small town like we are, we don’t really have any strangers.

I worked at a school for 5 years. I truly cared about all kids. But I had a few favorites of course. One of these favorites knew he was a favorite. To this day when I see him in public he would run to give me a hug. Please be good I would say. Oh I am.

My son woke me up after I’d been to sleep for an hour. They made another arrest. No they didn’t, they caught him hours ago. No moma, there was another shooter. He told me the name. It was my favorite student. No way he did this I said to my boy. It’s on the news, here’s his picture.

I’m in shock. I’m devistated. How could this happen? I had one of the victims and one of the killers in a 7th grade class. And they were friends, close friends!

I keep trying to pray for him but I’m at a complete loss as to what to pray. You always mourn for the victims in cases like this, but what if you knew the shooter too?

I’m trying to rearrange my heart to consider all sides here. I’m praying for my favorite kids moma because I have no clue what to pray for him. I’m praying for the victims and their friends and families.

My daughter’s freaked out because her social media is blowing up with kids saying free this kid and free that one. I told her to ignore it and just step away and pray. I think I’ll do the same.



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