Smoke At A Murder Scene

I was just at a funeral on Tuesday. I blogged about it. I said in that blog I hoped there was a gap before I attended  another. Apparently my blog was ignored.

I live in what used to be a small town. We came here, like so many others, for the schools. It is one county over from where I grew up. Many people made the same skip over, I went to school with them, and now all of our children go to school in our new town.

I’ve been in my house 14 years. I’ve had 2 daughters graduate from this awesome school system.

Today a true tragedy hit my small town. A girl my daughter went to school with was house sitting for her grandparents. At some point she had some friends over. 

Someone had a gun and the details are sketchy, but the facts are 3 kids are dead and one is in critical condition. I know one of the dead from the days I worked at a school. We are still waiting for names to be released of 2 more dead girls. The girl that was house sitting is the one that  is critical.

When these grandparents said bye, they didn’t know it was for the last time. As these young adults gathered, all of them did not know it  would end with murder. 

You never know when your time will end. 

The newspaper said that they could still see the bonfire smoldering with a cooler right beside. These kids were doing what so many of us do in this town to pass the time.

This is an image I can’t get out of my head. The smoke rising up from a murder scene. An autumn bonfire outside and horror inside.

This breaks my heart. Prayers for all.

It truly makes me want to ask all the ones I know, if you died today do you know you’d go to Heaven?



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