Artificial Christian 

Please Lord don’t let this be me. Keep me from judging people, remind me that is your job. 

Don’t let me be a prayer girl in public but not get on my knees in my home.

If I’m ever able to do good for your name, please let that be only for you to shine, and not me.

When I read Your Word, let me learn and stay humble. Never cocky to those who won’t pick it up.

Help me to love all people. Even those I don’t like. Especially those that hurt me, or are mean to my children.

Help me to stay hopeful about my life. And to know that hope and peace (that passes all understanding) can ONLY come from  you.

I pray all the bad I have experienced is for a reason. I pray that struggle was for something. I pray I don’t go backwards.

I’ve always been real, I’ve always been honest. To the point I destroyed my husband’s pride by telling many of  my secrets. Please God I hope you help me find a good balance. Don’t let me lose my passion about being real, but let me not bring embarrassment to my family.

There are a million artificial Christian running around this planet. Please don’t ever let me be one of them. Keep me humble and let me always know you’ve done the good in my life, not me.



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