(No One Tells) The Truth About The Candidates

This political race is fascinating, at least to me. Chaos, passion and hate filled rants, from both sides.

I know who is getting my vote, and I’m sure you know who is getting yours. I’m passionate about my candidate. But I also believe no matter who walks away the winner – God is still in control. 

I listen and watch many different shows. I listen to talk radio up and down my dial. They all claim to be telling the real story. 

Some actually believe they are.

I can compare it to my addiction story. I can tell you my truth. And it’s all mine. I tell it with an excitement because I’m telling it for a reason. You can get out alive. But you could also get my husband’s truth, which is the same story through different eyes. Is he right? Yes. His story would be one filled with misery and depression. One that leaves him wondering, did she do all this on purpose, was it a choice for her.

It’s not a lie, it’s his view.

The media is supposed to tell the facts. But honestly, nothing is more emotional than when a thinker pours out their thoughts on paper. In my opinion, no one can be completely bias. 

A certain news channel promises to be balanced. But I hear nothing but one candidates ups and the other’s downs. Other channels claim they are simply reporting. But they really only report the opposites ups, while going on and on about the other’s downs.

I watched a movie last night. It was shocking, horrible and had a view I’ve never heard before. 

At the end of the day, it was the filmmakers view. 

Is it truth, or just this researchers truth? Do we get the full truth in our school books? I doubt it. I hear Jack Nicholson saying “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!”

The truth is always going to be different, based on who is stating that truth. 

This doesn’t mean most people are stupid, racist, hatefilled, ignorant, unthougtful, deplorable or liars. It means that most people only see, and passionately believe, in their truth.

My hope, and what I tell my kids, is do your own research. Don’t believe everything you read or hear. Find out as much as you can to make your own informed decision. Don’t ever buy an idea, just because you saw it on the news. So many people get their news from social media. And this is great! People are finding out about their world! But I hope those people aren’t just reading the insane bold title and making that their truth….because hey, it was on the news.

Maybe I’m crazy and journalist really do state only factual truths. Maybe we do know the full story from our textbooks. 

But hey, I can only say my own truth, which is how I see the world through my own eyes. And I’m not trusting any single reporter or news outlet, to be 100% in their truths. 


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