(You Can Have a Real Life) War Room

Have you seen this movie?

I haven’t, but I lived through my own version.  

When I purposed in my heart to pray for 30 days, my cousin told me about this story. Oh that is so sweet! I’ll buy that. (This was a day or two before Rock Bottom number four.)

During the chaos of my life I’d pick the book back up. Mainly I was on my knees really praying and begging that I would just make it through the days.

I finished it about a week ago. And it still makes me smile. 

The book had a perfect ending of course. And there were many places where I just thought yeah right. 


The story is true, so true. And everyone can be an Elizabeth. And hopefully this leads to being a Ms. Clara. 

As many words as I’ve put on WordPress, I still haven’t poured out my experience with how prayer is fixing me. I didn’t realize how much I’ve had to say, about everything.

If you can read War Room, keep in mind…that when you decide to start praying nonstop – the devil will try to make you stop. Things will probably get worse. Sometimes God has the take everything from you to get you to see Him. Just don’t stop. 

When you pray – you know your answer and how it should work out. Forget all this. Because once you give it all up, nothing will go as you planned. 

When you pray for other people, be prepared to see some suffering. They may need to be broken as well.

When everything starts coming together, and joy comes back, keep going. Pray every every day. You don’t want to go back to the beginning do you? 

Encourage others, just like Ms Clara. After you’ve experienced the power of God and prayer, share it. Be excited, be thankful and tell others. It’s not about yelling Jesus at people, but showing them through your own peace and change that something is different. 

And when they ask you what has changed you, be humble and tell them!!

I’m so curious about this. Have you had an experience that you know was God’s touch on your life? Have you experienced the power of prayer? 


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