Rehab Song, You Can Borrow

My husband loves music. It is a huge part of life to him. It pushes him through his day. 

Years ago when I was destroying our world, he would jump on his four wheeler and be gone for hours. Just driving and listening as loud as it would go.

He lost that four wheeler because of me. We had to sell it because of choices I made. I would give anything to get him another one. 

No matter how much I didn’t mean for anything to happen, there were major repercussions for my actions. My family suffered. This four wheeler was the only thing he had ever bought just for him.

When I was in rehab he stayed in his truck for days. Just sitting in our driveway waiting for my nightly call. This was one of his lowest lows.

Later he shared this song with me. He said he listened to it over and over after he came to visit me at the hospital. I stole it for my own use after I got out.

I still use it today when I need to see where I’ve come from. And remember where I put him, so I never forget.

I don’t toture myself, but I believe in remembering so I don’t go back.

I believe it’s applicable for many things. Anything important you’ve pushed through. 

You can steal it too.


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