What I’m Learning In My Recovery 

I need God. Not a god, not some god, I need my God. The One that created me. The one that knows how many strands of hair I have on my head. The only One that I trust to set my mind straight.

I need people. It’s not good for me to lock myself in my room all day.

People need me. My family missed me.

I love to go do things.

I needed rehab. I needed Subutex.

I need prayer. Not the please Jesus help me sleep and bless my family prayer. But the hold my face in my hands and cry out help me God. Please I’m begging for peace. You know what I need to manage, so pour it over me. Cry out prayers are the best ones.

My recovery path has been the best path for me. You may need meetings and sponsors, and I’m just glad you found your path. As long as we get to the same place, we don’t need to judge each others way.

I’m grateful for every tear that fell, every fight my husband and I had and that my kids hated me. I’m grateful that they would not put up with the madness and wouldn’t let me be the sole victim.

It’s ok to forgive and move on. I don’t have to jump to hate when you hurt me.

I’ve learned that I really really like me. I’m a good person with a big heart. I’m in love with my husband and I’ve worked like crazy to make my kids proud of me.

My favorite word is restless. And I’m so grateful to be restless no more.


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