Clumsy Rainey

I used to think Rainey was clumsy. Later I realized her issues were way more serious.

Yearly she had some major surgery. If you look at her body now, she could show you a map of scars from her favorite doctor. In between the surgeries, there were burns, cuts and broken bones. A car wreck messed up her teeth, a horse accident cost her her spleen, her appendix had to go, the pet pitbull ran into her and caused a broken leg.

How could so many accidents happen to just one person? How many surgeries does one human need?

Apparently the need for more trips to the hospital coincided with the amount of pills left in the drawer.

I grew up feeling pity for my mother. Poor thing, she needs to lie down, she is tired. It’s not until I was a grown up, caught up in my addiction beside her, that I realized what I had seen all my life. I’d seen an addict getting her fix. I’m not saying every fall or trip was on purpose, but I’ll never believe in so many accidents for one life.

If you talk to Rainey now, she is an eternal victim. Her kids are mean, because they won’t talk to her. Her husband is mean because he doesn’t make his kids come over. Her body hurts and her friends keep stealing her drugs.

I wonder if Rainey could do it all over again, if she would stay clumsy. Or maybe she would wisen up and be more careful.

Daily prompt:Clumsy


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